Friday, February 12, 2010

My Valentine's Day Rant.

The other day, I was babysitting my cousin's little girl, and she was telling me about a boy in her Kindergarten class that has a crush on her. First of all, sad that a 5-year-old's love life is is a bigger topic of conversation than mine. Second of all, she breaks out the million dollar question, and asks me, "Aiya, why don't you have a boyfriend?"

"Great." I think to myself. Even she realizes what a loser I am. :) So after explaining to her that, "Yes I am older than 16", (hence old enough to have a boyfriend) of course I make up some lame excuse and quickly change the subject. Lucky for me, there are many things more interesting to children that I can focus her attention on.

That was it. My breaking point. The last straw, if you will. Aside from Valentine's Day being a "travesty" of a holiday made up by the greeting card people for purely economical reasons and blah, blah, blah. The same things everyone typically complains about this time of year, I have my own reasons for hating Valentine's Day this year. So here it goes... MY RANT ON VALENTINE'S DAY:

As if being single... and 23... AND in Utah, isn't enough. Let's add a holiday dedicated to love. Great idea? I think not.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like the IDEA of Valentine's Day. And maybe someday I will learn to appreciate it for what it is. But for now it's just a painful reminder of how single I really am. It's really not necessary, I am fully aware.

Now, on to why I especially hate the holiday this year. My single friends (with whom I would normally be celebrating "Single's Awareness Day") ran off to the sunny beaches of Costa Rica without me. So here I sit on a Friday night, at home all by myself, eating take-out, blogging and watching chick-flicks. Do ya feel bad for me yet? Good... then my evil plan has worked. Mwah ha ha!

I will be accepting sympathy gifts. Please feel free to send me flowers, chocolate-covered strawberries, stuffed animals, etc. :)


Amy Hansen said...

What is your address again? :)ha ha so sorry if it makes you feel my valentine could not speak english and only wanted marriage for citizen ship... and my charm.. and body that won't quit! HaHA!

benandnatty said...

Aiya...I think the holiday sucks rocks too and I am married to a wonderful man. I think it all has way too much hype for something you should be showing others every other day of the year. You come down some time this week and I will spoil you with love, affection, and chocolate! I will also make sure that the kindergartener keeps her mouth shut!! ;)

Kellie said...

Actually that does make me feel better Amy. :) lol, jk. Don't worry though, I survived and now it's back to the real world where no one is a blissfully happy as they make themselves out to be during that one weekend of the year.

And Nat, glad you agree with me. But that kindergartener doesn't have to keep her mouth shut. It's those moments that make me laugh and I love hearing her thoughts on life. Besides, what else would I blog about? :)