Sunday, April 18, 2010

a SUPER surprise

This is a little late, since his birthday was April 6th. But I couldn't resist posting this. Luckily he never reads my blog, or else he'd kill me. ha ha

Yep. That's our "Kee-Kee Buddy". He turned the big 2-5 this year. We were so excited because we teamed up with his friends to throw him a surprise party. And we were so proud of ourselves that we pulled it off!

He has never had a surprise party in his life. Probably because he is the resident snooper in our family and seems to have a super power of finding every birthday and Christmas present. So that made it even more fun to plot this behind his back. :) The day of the party his friends all called to wish him a happy birthday and he was bummed that none of them wanted to celebrate with him. I had to try really hard not to crack a smile while he was throwing himself a pity party.

Tradition in our family is that the birthday boy/girl gets to choose where to have their birthday dinner. So he was once again dissappointed when my mom told him that he didn't get a choice. We were going to Bella's because grandpa had a "gift certificate" that he wanted to use.

To make it even better. His party was Superman themed. :) My mom and I were decorating the room ahead of time. A few workers walked in and without fail said "Aww... How old is the birthday boy?" We would laugh and say 25. We got a few weird looks and awkward laughs as they walked away.

Deep down he loved it. We all know he's a child at heart. Happy Birthday Kev!

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