Sunday, December 28, 2008


The 3 faves tag:

3 Favorite Purchases
My car
my laptop... Although it was a gift. :) Someone purchased it!

3 Favorite Movies
Sweet Home Alabama
the Notebook (Really??? Only three?!)

3 Things I haven't done yet
Travelled as much as I want to... Somewhere in Central America or Europe preferably!
Gone on a serious diet...
Sky diving

3 Favorite Dishes
Turkey steak, au gratin potatoes and broccoli
Chipotle burritos!
Ritz chicken casserole

3 Favorite Shows
The Office
Jon & Kate plus 8

3 guilty pleasures (not gonna lie... they're guilty pleasures for a reason but here are 3 i thought of that are safe to post here)
playing with kids toys... hey, I'm a child at heart!
arcade games with the cheap thrills and prizes!
cuddling :)

3 activities that you enjoy
sports... volleyball, tennis, football and many more
doing donuts on a snowy night!

3 Places I have travelled
Washington D.C.
Toronto, Canada

3 Favorite Treats
Peppermint Pie
Lemon Meringue pie

3 Things I would buy if money were no issue
A House
An airplane and the staff that is needed to operate it. :)
Start some type of business that I could run...

3 people you want to tag
Amy H.
Chris S.
??? Anyone else that reads my blog and wants to do this...