Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dr. Kellie

When I'm bored, I shop. When I'm sad, I shop. When I'm happy, I shop. (I could continue on with almost every emotion.) It's a little something I call "Shopping Therapy", and it works like a charm every time. I admit that it's not the most economical option, and it really doesn't help with my saving plan. But this is what I did last night. :) I initially went to buy some new cleats for my softball league that I'm playing in... Which I did. While I was out I decided that I needed some new cute shoes and maybe some shirts too. Why not? Anyways, it has made my outlook on the week so much better! Tuesday was a great day... And tomorrow, I will be wearing my new shoes and a new shirt to work.

So, your advice from Dr. Kellie... Take 2 shoes, and call me next time you go shopping. :)


benandnatty said...

Can I get you to split the bill on MY retail therapy? haha

Kellie said...

Ha ha... You wish. :) I need A LOT of therapy though. I can barely afford my own.