Thursday, December 17, 2009

My name is Kellie...

Wow. Can I say how much I do not like Christmas shopping? Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I said it. There IS a kind of shopping I don't like. I realized tonight that I am a great shopper.... When it comes to buying for myself. But turn me loose in a store searching for a gift for someone else and I'm stuck.

I have tried so hard this year to get my presents bought early. And I have attempted many times to fulfill that goal. But each time, I return home with many bags full of items for only myself. I'm running out of time! Only one week until Christmas. Ahh! Not to mention that I am running out of closet space for all of it. I think they have meetings for people like me.

My name is Kellie... I'm a shopaholic. Help.

P.S. If anyone has great ideas of what to buy my dad for Christmas let me know, he's tough to shop for!!!


Marriott's said...

That was a hilarious post. I loved it. So every cop nedds a good gun, but I bet he has plenty of those and they are expensive. How about his favorite magazine subscription for a year or his favorite tv series on DVD. I don't know. Hope some of those ideas help. Miss you.

Kellie said...

Thanks. :) He does have plenty of guns, and the ones he would want are out of my price range anyways... But tv series is a good thought.

He's so tough to buy for because when he wants something, he'll always just go buy it.