Friday, October 3, 2008

The gorilla named...

So funny story. I took my cousin's 2 kids, Macie and Paden, to Fat Cats today and played arcade games... Well, after we had exhausted our money and energy we went to get prizes. (My favorite part) When both kids had their miscellaneous toys and what not, there were enough tickets left for them to both get a stuffed gorilla. :) Anyways, moving along... We were eating lunch and Macie was sitting with her little gorilla. And I asked what she had named it. lol, (here's the funny part) we had just been looking through the pictures on my camera and she asked what all of my friend's names were. How ironic that her gorilla happens to share the name of my friend Drew. Oh, and did I mention the gorilla is purple? Gotta love kids right?

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